Black Sea Universities Network
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Statute of BSUN



Sharing the goals of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (hereinafter BSEC) and of the Parliamentary Assembly of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (hereinafter PABSEC) which aim to transform the Black Sea region, through mutual cooperation, into a region of peace, freedom, stability and prosperity,

Mindful of the leading role that universities play in the economic, political and cultural life of their nations and wishing to enhance their scientific and educational role within the institutional structure of the BSEC,

Convinced that strengthening the cooperation among the Black Sea Universities may bring a major contribution to the achievement of the goals of the BSEC,

Reaffirming our commitment to the provisions of the Memorandum of the First Conference of the University Rectors and acting in pursuance of the Memorandum,

Taking into consideration the relevant provisions of the national legislation of the BSEC Member States concerning universities,

We have decided to found the Black Sea University Network, hereinafter referred to as the BSUN.


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