Black Sea Universities Network
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On April 2008, with the occasion of the Conference of Rectors from the Black Sea Region, Prof. Mychailo Zgurovsky, Rector of the National Technical University, „KPI”- Kiev, has been elected as the President of the Black Sea Universities Network.
On 1998, between 9-12 July, at “Ovidius” University of Constantza it has been established the Black Sea Universities Network. This initiative has been based on the consideration that the Black Sea Region as the cradle of many civilizations has enormous intellectual, scientific and creative potential.

Today the responsible task stands before us – to join forces of university public for the development of the Black Sea Region and show out our collaboration on the new European level.
Within the framework of the Network you are in a wonderful position not only to discuss the issue of the day region today, but also to work out modern projec
ts and programs in the area of:

-sustainable development;
-power safety;
-construction of the society based on knowledge;
-introduction of the technologies of the future.

We are interested on activation and expansion of economic, cultural, scientifically-educational collaboration in the region, providing it economic and social stability, maintenance of natural resources and cultural legacy and balanced competitiveness of all the countries of the region. The support of democratic processes in the Black Sea region is also one of the basic strategic directions of activity of the Black Sea Universities Network.
In a new initiative program of European Commission «Synergy in the Black Sea region» – among key requiring solving the problems of the region serious attention is paid to the network of research and educational establishments, science and technologies.
There is a necessity in support of wide introduction of information-educational technologies in education and research activity.
The TEMPUS program called to become a useful instrument for forming of joint projects between universities in the countries of ЕС and in the countries of the Black Sea, which are oriented above all on reformation of the systems of higher education.
A «synergy» will guarantee introduction   of the special measures of research character and study of problems which present the mutual personal interest of scientists from countries of the Black Sea – in the programs of 7FP and in other proper financial instruments of ЕС. 
Therefore within the framework of BSUN «synergy» will be maximum effective to use the mechanisms of bilateral and multilateral regional collaboration of universities from countries of the Black Sea Region, for realization of giving hope prospects and possibilities to be integrated in the Eur
opean scientifically-educationally-innovative space, it is wider to go out on the ma
in ways of development and progress!
Prof. Dr. Michailo Zgurovsky
BSUN  President